Coobite Cake

Coobite Cake

Kue Cubit are mini pancake-like cakes from Indonesia

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Minicake From Indonesia

Kue Cubit are mini pancake-like cakes from Indonesia. Their name directly translates to Pinch Cakes due to their small size. They can be picked up with a pinch of the fingers and finished in two bites. These cakes are popular in markets and food stalls. Along with plain vanilla cakes, they now come in a variety of colorful flavors . Kue Cubit are traditionally made in a cake mold pan called a Cetakan Kue Cubit, often with specialty shapes, and are cooked on the stovetop. Lace/Spiderweb crepes can also be made in the pan and are known as Kue Cubit Laba-Laba

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